Topic – Big Data Analysis and Management

We live in a ‘Era of Big Data’



World is producing increasingly large data streams, with petabyte and exabyte scales becoming increasingly common. Social media applications and other data intensive applications generate zettabytes of data. In addition,  all of customer behavior can be codified into enormous data and a company try to collect this huge data. We are living in the BIG DATA WORLD!


Big Data and Information Systems Research

By Microsoft, businesses today operate on the monitor-mine-manage (M3) cycle: they monitor and archive large amounts of data, which they mine to derive insights such as models. The models are used during the manage phase to add value to the business, e.g., by scoring the models with real-time data. For the efficient and effective application of bigdata, the research of IDS Lab strongly concentrate on these subtopic.


Social Data Handling

  • Collecting data from any kind of social data source
  • Structurizing the un-structured social data

Mining and Analyzing Social Data for Decision Model

  • Social data analysis using data mining and network analysis
  • Implementation of decision / recommendation model
  • Modeling the social phenomenon which generate big social data